XenoAptamer Discovery and Development Services

Xenolis is helping its clients to shorten the timelines for the development of their therapeutic, diagnostic bioimaging and biosensing applications, significantly lowering R&D costs and providing technical support in the discovery process.

XenoAptamers are typically selected through a process called genetic alphabet Expansion for Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment (ExSELEX), in which large libraries of random oligonucleotides are generated and then iteratively screened against the target molecule until a highly stable and specific binding partner is identified. Once an appropriate aptamer is found, it can be further modified or conjugated to enhance stability, delivery efficiency, or cellular uptake, making it suitable for different applications.

Our Workflow


Tissues, proteins, peptides, cells, small molecules, viruses and bacteria.


An in-depth discussion with the client to define their needs, requirements and objectives and setup milestones to meet their goals.


Selection of aptamers against selected targets using our proprietary DNA libraries. Iterative steps of selection and amplification over a few rounds under increasing stringency.


The candidates identified are synthesized and evaluated with respect to affinity and specificity of interaction with the target, using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR).


The selected aptamers are then optimized with respect to their properties as well as to their intended application.


We synthesize candidates at a 50 nmol scale, provide to the client for their evaluation. Once they meet up with the requirements, they can be produce in medium scale synthesis.

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