Xenolis is developing a broad portfolio of XenoAptamers via genetic alphabet expansion (unnatural bases).

Our proprietary platform allows us to select XenoAptamers with sub-nanomolar to picomolar-level Kd values to unlock novel discoveries and applications.

Our XenoAptamers will provide high affinity, specificity, stability, and cost-effective production.

We also provide customised ExSELEX™ selection and development services.

We utilise our many years of experience and the latest high-throughput, automated technologies to deliver XenoAptamer-based solutions to customer base for a wide range of life science applications.

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Genetic Alphabet Expansion for replication and transcription

Xenolis is offering reagents for genetic alphabet expansion systems in replication and transcription. The Ds−Px pair system can be used for replication and PCR with Ds-containing DNA templates and Ds and Px substrates (dDsTP and dPxTP) using 3’-exonuclease-proficient DNA polymerases, such as DeepVent and Aquprime Pfx. The Ds−Pa pair system can be used for the site-specific incorporation of functional Pa in RNA transcripts by T7 RNA polymerase using Ds-containing DNA templates and modified PaTP, such as biotin-, dye-, NH2-, and azide-conjugated PaTPs.

We offer custom synthesis of DNA fragments containing Ds, as well as dDsTP, dPxTP, and various modified PaTPs, for the preparation of DNA templates. We are equipped to synthesize DNA oligonucleotides (up to 50-mer) at PAGE purification grade. For assistance with DNA design and non-natural transcription substrates, please contact us 

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